Dust Extraction

We offer a variety of dust extraction systems and solutions. Capturing dust efficiently and effectively is what we do best. Our systems include everything from small dust bag filters and benches to larger dust booths and cyclones.

Our dust extraction technology increases profitability through reliable, energy efficiency and production focused systems. Our extensive range of industrial dust extractors and dust collectors, including on-tool extractors and filtration systems deliver remedies for numerous industrial dust control challenges. Safety is also front of mind when designing, installing and maintaining industrial dust extraction systems and we will always adhere to HSE and COSHH regulations, ensuring the worker is protected.

Whether from a single point using a dust vacuum or dust bag filter or from multiple points within a centralised extract system using fans, we provide effective dust extraction and filtration solutions for virtually any material including wood, paper, plastic, composite, metal.

Our industrial dust extractors and ventilation systems cover a variety of industries and sectors including woodworking, metal machining, general manufacturing, recycling, automotive and engineering.