Sound Box 2

The Soundbox 2 is made of fully-galvanised steel, which offers effective protection against weather and wind to both fan and motor. Simultaneously, the box reduces the sound pressure level by approx.  10 – 15 dB(A), which is the optimum solution, when a low noise level required.

It fits the LSFG/MSFG 146-250 and LEF/MEF 250-630 fan series. The Soundbox 2 is made of galvanised sheet metal and is supplied with 40 mm self-adhesive complex isolation. The box has cooling holes in the bottom that ensure cool air to the engine.


  • Fully galvanised steel construction protects against corrosion
  • Effective noise reduction, 10 – 15 db(A)
  • A flexible connection is built in to avoid vibration
  • Made with a sealed spigot for direct connection of Spiro duct
  • Easy to lift with straps, a forklift etc.
  • Easy and simple service access through a lockable door
  • Smaller and lighter construction


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