MB Series

The MB Series of blast rooms are available as either modular or container construction.

Modular blast rooms, MMB, are typically sited internally and are designed to provide a flexible solution to control of dust generated through media blasting activities.

Manufactured from heavy gauge sheet steel panels, enabling economical shipping and easy installation in situations of limited access, the MMB Series can be constructed to virtually any size.

The MMB can be tailored to match specific requirements with numerous options including:

  • Abrasion-resistant wall lining
  • Access
  • Lighting
  • Acoustic-thermal insulation
  • Extraction-filtration plants

For applications requiring an externally sited blast room, such as when factory space is unavailable, we offer the MMC Series of containerised blast rooms.

The MMC Series are available in all standard shipping container sizes, making for an economical solution which can be quickly deployed.

The MMC can be adapted with the same options as those available for the MMB Series.

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