BAP Series Self-Powered Downdraft Tables

The BAP Series Self-Powered Downdraft Tables are ideal for sanding and finishing operations, which are often used in woodworking and other dust-producing processes.

The galvanized sheet steel construction provides a durable base with an 880mm deep work surface, and optional scratch-resistant felt strips that offer additional work piece protection.

The BAP Series tables are equipped with aluminised polyester filter cartridges and a pulse-jet compressed air cleaning system to provide maximum suction and extended filter life.

Dust is collected in removable steel drawers at the bottom of the table for easy disposal. The integrated suction fan ensures consistent face velocity and provides for convenient mobility when the optional casters are included.

Other options include:
• Automatic timer for the cleaning system
• Side walls & rear suction wall
• Spark-resistant fan configuration for added safety

Animation of the BAP Series self-powered downdraft table.

Watch here

Take a look at a demonstration of the BAP Series.

Watch here

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