Whip Up a Storm

FIRST LAUNCHED in 2012, the Dust Storm is becoming another successful product launch for Fercell. Some waste processors create high levels of fine dust of which can cause serious risk of self combustion when in air suspension.

Dust extraction system, shredder, briquette press solutions coupled with Fercell’s ducting expertise has found favour in a number of waste and data destruction applications.

The Dust Storm is designed primarily for environmental control and pneumatic materials handling plants demanding continuous, cost effective filtration of numerous materials, to include paper dust, plastic’s dust and smoke.

One of the key features of the Dust Storm is its ability to complete a cleaning cycle automatically at the same time remaining in operation. The filter elements are cleaned by the power pulse system, using an integral compressor of which produces its own dry compressed air.

On models DS36 and DS 44, the filter access hatch is opened and closed by means of a pneumatic cylinder making for easier access during maintenance.

The built-in compressor used for the Power Pulse cleaning system also powers the opening cylinder.

Divided into three main sections, the DS system has a middle filter body for dust collection and a top cleaning section. The Base contains the material outlet in two format options, flat bottom with automatic scrapper or conical bottom with rotor valve discharge.

The dust-laden air is introduced into the DS filter middle section through a rectangular inlet where the optimised filtration of dust particles takes place. The inlet is designed in accordance with the ‘down flow’ principle. A diffusion effect ensures a minimum pressure drop and maximum filtration.

Inside the DS filter, dust particles are collected on the pleated and permeable filter elements used to achieve the largest possible filtration surface. The result is the effective removal of dust particles.