Helping your business thrive

There’s a lot happening at Fercell that we would like to share with you. We are increasingly finding that you are asking us:

  • How can you help my business save money?
  • Are there ways you can make us work more efficiently?
  • What is the latest shredding technology?
  • How can I ensure our business adheres to H&S legislation?

As you know, we’ve been doing this for 40 years and things move on. But what does this mean for you? We have revolutionised the way we want to work with you in 2018 and we are excited to be able to offer the following:

  • Fercell Planned Preventative Maintenance – introducing the FPPM. It’s essentially three tiers of service plan options for both our recycling machines and LEV systems. Our FPPM contract offers a cheaper alternative to a one off machine servicing and means you don’t have to cross your fingers hoping that nothing breaks down in your busiest months. They also come with additional benefits depending on your budget including;

-Priority call out response over non contract holders

– 10% discount on engineering hours for additional call outs / repairs

– 10% discount on consumables and spare parts

– Discounts on new machine sales (higher tier only)

– Full use of our service direct line number

  • A choice of standardised services – off-the shelf quick to deliver dust, spray and fume extraction systems, easy to operate, value assured and cost effective or
  • Bespoke services – for longer-term projects and in-depth extraction problem solving, ensuring innovation and excellence at a higher premium

If you are used to regular servicing and buying spares from us, then expect a call about the new FPPM offer. We will be looking for 20 companies to run a pilot-test with. This will come with some added value, so if you want to be included send an email with the subject line ‘include me’ to and we’ll get back to you.

What else can you expect from being our customer?

Fercell are committed to continuing to offer our face-to-face meetings across the UK but we’ll also give you access to knowledge via webinars and online meetings too. Regular blog updates and emails will arrive in your inbox, with valuable content to help you and your business thrive. Our promise to you includes a minimum of two new pieces of content a month. At the end of each month you’ll receive a round-up and summary of all that we have spoken about and shared so all the best bits are in one place.

Our social media channels, emails and of course your sales manager, will be how we share this information and support.

LinkedIn – industry insight, real life stories, business performance

Facebook – a mixture of work and play, helping you get the most out of your day

Twitter – all of the above and sharing industry news from other influencers and companies

It’s not just about Liking our Facebook page for the sake of it. We want to give you the tools to make your business succeed and help you work smarter. If you think anyone else in your business or network would benefit from this, please share this email onto them and let them know they can click any of the links above or sign up to our Engineering Excellence contact list here.