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The AT Series dust extractor vacuum is a comprehensive programme of filters and accessories for industrial centralised dust vacuum applications, such as on-tool extraction, clean-down and pneumatic transportation of various different materials and outputs including:

  • Fume
  • Fine dust
  • Metal swarf
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Masonry
  • General nuisance dust

The self-contained design incorporates extremely powerful vacuum turbines, high efficiency cartridge filters, differential pressure pulse-cleaning, acoustics and control system, available in manual, automatic or remote control options.

The performance duty of the smaller units is set by a single turbine, whilst the larger modular units have a series of turbines which operate based upon demand ensuring optimum energy-saving, filter life and reduced noise.

Each centralised system can be specified to meet the exact requirement s of the client with a programme of small bore pipework fittings, tool attachments, service modules (power, air and suction), hose reels, track system and articulated service arms.