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Dust bag filters

Our range of dust extractor bag filters offer the flexibility to provide an exact application fit. The filters offer different options depending on the type of application and the ventilation challenges faced.

In order to prolong effective filter life, different options are available and include:

  • Internal or external systems
  • Positive and negative pressure units
  • Manual or automatic mechanical cleaning
  • Reverse and pulse air cleaning

What type of dust can be extracted?

Our dust extractors cover a broad range of applications and materials, both combustible and non-combustible, included but not limited to:

Cement, composite, paper, plastic, sawdust, sugar dusts, wood waste.

In order to ensure the dust is collected safely and efficiently, this range of dust bag filters can be organised into an extraction system, either adopting a basic sack collection style or incorporating a fully integrated systems with process valves and conveyors.