What would you like to granulate?

Our extensive range of granulator machines come in a variety of sizes, power and throughput capacities. From smallest sprues to the largest plastic lump, our range of granulators are built tough to ensure they are a match for any granulating project.

Operated as either press partner or centralised granulators for the effective size reduction of plastic and rubber materials including:

Bottles, Crates, Film, Pipe, Profile, Purge, Runners, Sheet, Skeletal Waste, Sprues, Start-up and Trim.

Plastic waste can often be contaminated by liquid and as such we offer wet granulation, in conjunction with granulate washing and drying systems. Designed and built for minimal maintenance and maximum material throughput as standard, the advantages of utilising granulation technology for plastic recycling include:

Rapid blade changing
Reduced downtime
Highest throughput capacities
Energy saving size reduction

We are also able to offer pulverisers. Our pulverisers are designed for the processing of medium to hard density materials, along with brittle and high impact plastics (PE, PVC and PC) that require final processing into powder form.

Designed to achieve extremely high throughput by pulverising material whilst optimising energy consumption and minimising operating costs.