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Recycling of cellulose materials such as paper, cardboard and pulp, is a vital part of resource management and ecological protection to reduce carbon production.  The more paper and card that is recovered from the recycling process, the less wood is introduced into paper production.

Our industrial paper shredders can be specified and built to allow profitable and environmentally-friendly paper shredding on any scale. Once paper or cardboard has been shredded it can be exported at a price per tonne or sold onto a paper mill for a good return. We use this link to work out the value of recycled materials to be sold on.

We can offer innovative feed systems and durable cutting technology, to ensure that even the most demanding and challenging materials are effectively processed and recycled.

Along with materials such as paper towels, paper webs, packaging materials, cardboard, cardboard tubes, labels and production waste, our systems are often used for confidential destruction of important papers in order to comply with data protection regulations. You can have confidence that our industrial paper shredders will provide your business with data on paper remaining private forever.

Depending on security level and granulate size, the material which includes all kinds of paper files, documents, currency notes and tape, can either be shredded in a single or two stage process.

Where will my recycled paper or cardboard go?

Following the journey of your businesses’ recycled paper and cardboard is very rewarding. Paper and cardboard is often processed in Kent, the North West of England, Europe and China. They are then mixed with hot water, turning the mixture into pulp. Staples, ink, plastic and glue are removed. The clean fibres are pressed together, dried and wound onto reels. This recycled paper is then ready to be reused to produce new products like office paper, newspapers, books and magazines. Other uses for this recycled paper include loft insulation, jiffy bags and even road surfaces, of course by using a different process. The recycled cardboard is usually turned into new boxes and packaging, but can also be used as animal bedding.