S7 Series Industrial Shredder

WEIMA S7 series industrial shredders are designed and built for extreme shredding tasks.  Setting new standards in build, functionality and throughput the WEIMA S7 series are available with numerous options to ensure performance exactly matches application. This industrial shredder series is able to reduce all types of paper, cardboard, plastic and textiles.

Different rotor versions guarantee optimum performance for every application. Options such as the innovative “V” Rotor with adjustable counter knife called “Supercut“ allows for optimum shredding results. WEIMA S7 industrial shredders can be loaded by conveyor belt, manual feed or via forklift truck. They are also ideal as preliminary shredders, integrated into a two-stage operation.

The WEIMA S7, formerly known as WLK Super Jumbo industrial shredders are available with the option of mechanical or hydraulic drive. Optional additions for increased safety include; gearbox limit switch, reverse counter, hydrodynamic clutch, safety switch, vautid or hardox coated rotor, rotor cooling, pipe spacer funnel, “F“ Rotor with welded-on or screwed-on knife holders.

Features like a hydraulically operated front wall with bolt-in screen, innovative rotor cutting arrangements make processing the broadest range of production waste, fibres, textiles, carpets, pipes, automotive parts, blow-moulded materials such as plastic PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, containers and buckets easy.

  • High performance, high throughput.
  • Multi-purpose, processing a broad range of materials.
  • Efficient, precise cutting geometry.
  • Fine tolerance, adjustable counter knives.
  • Safety features, which provide optimum protection from foreign materials.
  • Extended operating, with hydraulic oil cooling system.
  • Improved material rotor feed, with horizontal and/or vertical ram combs.
  • Trusted, proven reliability
  • Rapid clean down and screen change, with hydraulically operated lift-up screen.
  • Super fast process time, with turbo hydraulics
  • Efficient light, cylindrical material feed, with press arm.
  • True travel and jam protection, from castellated floor.

Large diameter, heavy wall poly pipe material processed through a S7, utilising a ‘v’ rotor, keeping the shred temperature low and avoiding melting.

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Heavy HDPE sections, shredded using a S7, with ‘v’ rotor cutting configuration.

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Hardback and paperback books recycled through twin S7 single shaft shredders, as part an automated line producing paper bales for recycling.

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Twin S7 single shaft shredders, processing waste paper for production of biomass solid fuel, when feeding a cubing machine.

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Huge PE pipe sections processed through a S7, as part of a closed loop recycling system within the production company.

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