WL10 – WL20 Industrial Shredders

The WEIMA WL10 – Wl20 series of universal single shaft industrial shredders, are typically found operating in woodworking industry applications, which demand reliable shredding at high-through puts.

Capable of shredding large quantities of both linear and lump wood off-cut timber waste due to the with rotor widths which range from 1,000 mm to 2,000 mm, depending on design configuration. It’s driven by electric motors with power outputs from 28 kW to 110 kW.

The WEIMA WL industrial shredder series benefit from the patented ‘V’ rotor configuration, with protected hydraulics, inter-changeable screens and heavy-duty WAP gearboxes.

The processed wood waste can be conveyed either by air extraction or mechanically conveyed.

Drive output, knife number and type and screen dimensions are determined by the material to be shredded and the required volume throughput.

  • Innovative “v” rotor.
  • Enclosed hydraulics.
  • WEIMA WAP powerful, robust, gearbox.
  • Changeable screen.
  • Hydraulically operated pusher.

Timber off cuts, from an automated line, rapidly reduced in size for easy of transportation into a storage facility for biomass.

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A trio of WEIMA shredders, reducing wood off cuts for easy and cheap disposal.

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Oak trims and other oak wood waste, produced by a busy mill, shredded for transportation to a fuel storage silo, prior to combustion in a biomass boiler.

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Mixed, clean, paper waste loaded from a road trailer and processed through a WL10 single shaft shredder for biomass.

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