Ultra Industrial Shredder

The Ultra industrial shredder series are innovative, competitively priced and boast advanced shredder technology, with standard features that others would call optional extras. These single-shaft industrial shredders deliver maximum flexibility, durability, reliability and longevity of investment with an excellent return on investment.

Featuring the segmented floor, gearbox safety package, WEIMA WAP gearbox, patented “V” rotor housing double the number of knives of typical market competitors, delivering 30% increase in throughput volumes, and a more uniform homogenous fraction size.

The result of all this is reduced energy consumption, lower operating overheads, reduced maintenance downtime cycles amounting to a more profitable hourly return on your investment.

  • Innovative “V“ Rotor, process and energy efficient.
  • Increased cutting surface, second set of knives.
  • Segmented floor, true travel and jam protection (from thin materials).
  • Increased load capacity, with logspacer.
  • Enclosed hydraulics, clean and safe.
  • Powerful and robust, with high torque WAP gearbox
  • Easy screen change
  • Balanced throughput, with hydraulically operated pusher.

A true classic shredder with thousands of worldwide installations, from small to medium sized businesses, shredding all types of timber off-cuts.

Cardboard boxes and other heavy walled packaging, is easily shredded in the extended hopper of the ULTRA Series.

Effective size reduction of mixed plastics, including plastic pipe, thanks the ULTRA’s extra set of concave cut knives.

Like the strong man, but only better as it won’t just rip telephone books in half, rather produce confetti.

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