SPIDER HRS Industrial Shredder

Building on the success of the WEIMA WLK Series, the SPIDER single shaft industrial shredders incorporate a number of innovative shredding technologies, such as increased screen surface area for reduced material process times and interchangeable pressing system modules.

The base system consists of two modules: the cutting system, including a single shaft rotor with selectable knife type configuration, and the pressing system, which employs smart ram technology.

Three interchangeable press options have been designed to handle a variety of plastic, paper, cardboard and rubber based materials including: lump, film, and hollow molds.

The horizontal press option is the default for the majority of the plastic process applications, while the arch press option is recommended for shredding foils, fibres and filaments.

The sloped press is ideal for hollow pieces, such as plastic containers with residue fluids.

Modular pressing systems are quick to replace, making it simple to tailor the machines to different material flows, even after years of operation.

The unrestricted access to the cutting system means that cleaning and servicing are quick and easy to perform.

  • Designed for higher throughputs
  • Large rotor diameter
  • Rotor options : “F” or “V” rotor
  • 180° reversible counter knife
  • Adjustable counter knife for precise cutting
  • Second counter knife for increased throughput
  • Enlarged cutting area (e.g. for pipes)
  • Ram on rollers
  • Integrated position control
  • Hydraulically adjustable screen
  • Drive options : mechanical electro-controlled geared drive or hydraulic drive
  • Outboard bearings for operational longevity

Fast and effective size reduction of used polythene plastic bladders, used for the transportation/import of wine.

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High throughput of waste plastic containers, within a MRF site.

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Primary sizes reduction of mixed carpet and plastic melt waste materials, for further processing with final size reduction.

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