Holzwolf Pallet & Screw Shredder

The WEIMA Holzwolf pallet and screw industrial shredder has been designed to provide economical primary crushing of all types of bulky wood waste, with a large capacity hopper and interchangeable crushing tools. This industrial shredder makes light work of shredding crate waste without fear of damage from tramp metal, including brackets, bolts, nails, screws and other hard wear often found within crates and pallets.


The WEIMA Holzwolf pallet and screw shredder can either be used as a stand-alone machine or as part of a two-stage process that incorporates a secondary shredder, such as the WEIMA Ultra or WEIMA WL industrial shredder range. The Holzwolf shredder can be located either directly over a conveyor or on top of a single-shaft shredder, allowing the broken pieces to fall directly into the secondary shredder hopper.

Fast size reduction of mixed pallet material for biomass or other applications which demand harmonized material.

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Liberate valuable space by quickly converting end of life crates and other wooden packaging materials into a fraction that is storage, transportation or further processing simple.

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Quickly reduce bulky furniture into easily handled pieces for further size reduction or processing.

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