ECOLINE Single Shaft Shredder Series

The ECOLINE Series of shredders has the power to break pretty much everything down to size.

Capable of handling any type of waste, including unsorted and highly contaminated materials, the ECOLINE can be employed as a rough secondary shredder in multistage plants.  After unsuitable materials have been sorted out of the feedstock, the material can be processed through the ECOLINE to achieve optimum fraction output.

Heavy duty construction and premium component parts ensure the ECOLINE is tough enough for the most demanding environments and applications, featuring outboard bearings, bolted hardened stub shaft, vautid rotor, hydraulic cooling, super-fast hydraulics, 40mm plate steel base frame and anti-vibration substructure.

The ECOLINE can be loaded by conveyor (upstream of a pre-shredder), wheel loader, grab or it can be operated as single-stage shredder (in situations when an RDF customer provides pre-sorted material).

  • Rough secondary shredder for any type of waste.
  • Unaffected by contaminated material
  • Ideal for multi-stage processing, with high throughput.
  • Material feed via wheel loader, grab or by pre-shredder.
  • Drive options, including HDW high performance drive (hydraulic drive) for the toughest material requirements and highest possible throughput volumes.
  • Operate as either a single-stage solution (when processing pre-sorted material).

Pulper waste rope, from paper production, processed through an ECOLINE 2000 single shaft shredder.

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