C Briquette Press Series

The C Series of briquette presses are compact, robust and powerful.

Their sturdy design, low energy consumption and small footprint make them a favourite amongst small to medium operations demanding a low maintenance briquette solution with self diagnostic technology.

Capable of producing briquette pressings from wood shavings and similar materials to effectively reduce volume, with the actual level of reduction dependent upon the material characteristics (up to a maximum of 90%).

They do not require the use of additives or thermal treatment, simply using the power of compression providing that the material moisture content is less than 18%.

  • High-performance pressing mechanism with low-wear, chrome-plated tongs
  • Pressing chamber insert
  • Dust collection port with end-position cushioned cylinder
  • Switch box with SPS control
  • Worm channel with delivery worm and gearmotor
  • Separated oil tank with pump motor and valve control
  • Safety control for oil temperature
  • Sturdy base frame with rubber feet
  • Automatic briquette length control (excluding C140)

Production waste, in the form of nickel alloy, shaving easily converted into solid briquettes for reduced storage space, cheap transportation and easy recycling.

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Out of date journals and directories, converted into easy to handle, valuable, solid fuel.

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Wood shavings and dust from general joinery production, converted from a bulky voluminous waste material into valuable solid fuel product.

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PU Foam waste material, compressed into dense 50mm diameter briquettes by a C150 briquette press.

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