Neue Herbold GS Guillotine Series

The GS Series of guillotines are employed for the pre-size reduction of monofilament bales, typically bales consisting of such as banding, fibre, tape, tacky film packaging, rubber, purging and extremely large lump material.

The heavy gauge, welded, steel construction ensures long and reliable service even in the most demanding of environments.

The GS Series is both safe and efficient in operation with the, fully enclosed, guillotine blade operated by two hydraulic cylinders for even pressure across the blade.

The blade is mounted within a twin side channel, guaranteeing exact alignment with the fully adjustable horizontal stator blade for a precise and clean cut of the material.

The GS is fully controllable with adjustment of the stroke length, blade speed, cutting pressure and material bale cut length.

  • Precise knife adjustment.
  • Double sided, heavy duty, frame construction.
  • Knife completely enclosed for safety.
  • Full adjustment of knife stroke, speed and cutting pressure.
  • Secure knife action, with double sided guide channel.
  • Dual cylinder operation, keeping blade square and ensuring even knife pressure.

Primary size reduction of large rope coils, of varying diameters, using a GS1500 guillotine prior to final shredding.

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