DISCOVERYLINE Sensor Sorting Series

The DISCOVERYLINE Series is the ideal combination for best results with sensor based sorting and an upstream Ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation solution.

Behind the name DISCOVERYLINE is more than 20 years experience working with industry to perfect this precise sorting system using NIR, X-Ray and Metal Detection.

DSS-M Induction sorting metal sensor, operates with a separation principle of electrical conductivity surrounding inductive detectors.

Typical applications could include stainless steel, shredded material, RDF production, waste incineration slag, WEEE, waste wood, waste glass and refrigerator recycling.

DSS-N Near infrared separation (NIR), works by scanning the molecular composition of the material surface, using near infrared spectrometer detection.

Applications include processing household and industrial waste recycling plastic waste (PVC, PE, PP, PS, EPS, PA, PET), construction waste recycling (paper, cardboard, packaging), RDF production (wood).

DSS-X X-Ray sorting system, uses material density, with rays travelling through process material to inspect and detected properties as they pass by.

Suited to such sorting application as separation of casting alloy from wrought alloy, metal mixture, materials composite, reduction of chlorine and bromine, glass recycling (separation of heat resistant glass), minerals, stones, circuit board recycling.

DSS-VIS/COLOUR sorting system, colour selection based criteria.

  • Superior built quality.
  • Highly effective operation, with precise sorting of dissimilar materials.
  • Four methods of sorting in a single machine.
  • Designed for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Trouble free integration with upstream separation system and downstream conveying.
  • Comprehensive test facility for trials of specific process materials.

Inductive sorting for the separation of metallic materials, including:

  • Stainless steel,
  • Incineration slag,
  • Electronic waste,
  • Wood recycling
  • Glass recycling
  • RDF production
  • White goods recycling.

Near infrared sorting employed in various applications with mixed materials, including:

  • Household and industrial waste recycling (plastics such as PVC, PE, PP, PS, EPS, PA, PET).
  • Construction waste recycling of paper, cardboard and packaging materials.
  • RDF production, for the removal of wood.

X-Ray sorting system, for separation of:

  • Cast alloy (from wrought alloy),
  • Mixed metals,
  • Composite material,
  • Chlorine and bromine,
  • Glass (heat resistant),
  • Minerals (stones),
  • Circuit boards.

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