RCSX CASCADE Eddy Current Separator Series

The RCSX CASCADE Separator Series takes the RCSX Series of eddy current separators to the next level of material recovery and cleaning.

The CASCADE utilises an additional non-ferrous separator to achieve up to 40% more recovery of non-ferrous metals.

Optimum application for 0.7 – 12 mm particle size, whilst prior separation of grain sizes increases the efficiency of the RCSX CASCADE.

Well proven IMRO technology for effecient operation and maintenance, when sorting plastic, wood, glass, sand and other aggregate from non-ferrous metal (aluminium).

Each separator consisting of a two belt pulley system carrying a PVC belt where the tail pulley drives the belt. The front pulley runs the bearing magnet system comprising of a hard core NEODYM multi permanent magnet non-ferrous metal separator.

The RCSX CASCADE Series high frequency eddy currents, in the conductive components, generate inverse magnet fields to the rotor cleanly and efficiently dividing the material stream.

Each eddy current separator includes the patented GFK easy pulley shell system which removes the need to dismantle the pole drum when adjusting the position from 0° to 20°, saving operational down time.

The CASCADE Series can be configured as for single side non-ferrous output, double side output or either single/double with upstream accelerator separator with neodymium magnetic pulley.

  • Increased performance, higher separation of non-ferrous materials
  • Easy integration with all RECYCLECRAFT products.
  • GFK easy pulley system, for infinite variable pole system 0 – 20 % (patented).
  • Removable shell ring for easy replacement of GFK drum shell (patent).
  • Fully adjustable divider.
  • Illuminated discharge chute.
  • Broad applications, including slag recycling, scrap recycling, aluminium recycling and WEEE electronic scrap recycling.

Separation non-ferrous metals separation, using eddy current, to sort such materials as shredded output for use as refuse derived fuel or for plastics recycling.

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