HEAVYLINE Belt Conveyor Series

The IMRO range of belt conveyors are proven over thousands of diverse installations, their inbuilt efficiency makes them one of the most popular choices when demanding both performance and economical energy consumption.

The IMRO range consists of three distinct series of belt conveyor, each with the same level of manufacturing quality, reliability and minimal maintenance DNA, yet featuring the widest variety of belt material (PVC, Rubber, HDPP, HDPE or elastomers), format, width, length and configurations to suit the specific application requirements.


Selected for the most challenging medium and heavy load industrial applications, suitable for continuous operations which demand reliability and low maintenance.

  • Bearing and adjustment points design for ease of access reducing maintenance downtime.
  • Quality materials used for belts to include cleats, skirt boards and others formats to ensure trouble free service
  • Stable square steel pipe construction providing a sturdy rigid durable framework.
  • Helical- worm geared drive motor unit – IP54.
  • Dust and water proof allowing external of internal positioning.
  • Emergency stop push buttons both sides and pull wire stop with switch, both sides.
  • Manufactured to EC Directive 2006/42/EC.
  • Finish coating sequence: Undercoat/Primer – Top coat finishing coat

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