Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors are a well proven and wide spread solution for the transportation of granular materials, including shreddings, chippings and regrinds (also effective for the movement of materials with poor flow characteristics).

We commonly employ screw conveyors for general movement and distribution of materials from one process to another including shredder discharge and silo/hopper loading.


Shredder discharge screws are used to transports shredded material out of the machine, form gravity loading into a bulk bag (support frame work required) or for supports the air extraction system.

Highly recommended for shredders with a working width of more than 1,000 mm.


Loading screws have the potential for high rates of transportation, over short distance, with minimal sound output and low power consumption.

Available in either trough, tube or flexible format screw conveyors can be exactly matched to the application.  As the name suggested flexible screw conveyors represent the most adaptable solution for transport of such materials as wood chips, sawdust, grinding dust, wood waste, shredded plastic and plastic regrind.

The flexible loading screw conveyors are manufactured from a special hardened steel, with high tensile strength and spring force characteristics.  It is without a central shaft making it possible to freely transport a diverse range of materials through horizontal/vertically curves and pitches with the absence of corners, gear wheels or chains to minimise maintenance free.

Contained either within a smooth bore special wear resistant PVC tube or hardened steel tube for abrasive/corrosive substances (other materials including stainless steel, PA and PE are available).

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