Issue No. 03 
Date: December 2012

Pre Owned

On arrival into the workshop the equipment is inspected. Machine is serviced to manufacturer’s specification, run-tested and gains approval certification for sale. Most machines are supplied with warranty.


Machines are disassembled to component level by a manufacturer trained engineer. All worn components are replaced (using only the genuine manufacturer’s parts) with the chassis and painted components sent to the paint-shop for painting preparation (either abrasive key or grit blasting), degreasing and repainting to original colour (or to customer specified colour by arrangement).

Once assembled the machine is tested and gains approval certification for sale.

Wherever possible refurbished machines are returned to as new condition, when replacement parts may include; drive belts, machine guides, Seals, fluids & oils, filters, PLC’s / electrics / software, safety interlocks, electrical drives, transmissions, bearings and/or control panels.


Ex test centre, exhibition and research machines, all machines have been maintained to manufacturer’s recommended standards and most are sold with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Brokerage & Buy Back

Fercell also offer direct sales and buyback options. This allows clients to keep their systems in operation until a sale is made. For more information call our customer support team. 

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