Reduce Your Pallet Waste with the ‘PY Series Pallet Breaker’

FERCELL has launched the NEW ‘PY Series Pallet Breaker’, which can reduce your pallet waste by up to 80%. Following on from its predecessor, the F1300, the PY Series gives you the flexibility of higher throughputs, accommodates larger pallets and is more cost-effective.

The PY series is suitable for whole or part wooden pallets, packaging and other bulky materials, breaking them down into hand size pieces. Available in 2 versions, both the 1,300mm and 1,600mm wide machines are capable of processing up to 50 pallets an hour.

The PY1600 has been designed with a larger opening for handling wider pallets, whilst processing the same volumes. The PY Series is a low energy, self-contained compact solution, which enables you to reduce voluminous product by up to 80%.

Using the PY Series couldn’t be easier. Simply load your material into the top of the machine, and press the start button.

It’s as simple as that, with pallets automatically processed through the machine, where they can be discharged either into a suitable container or onto a conveyor. The PY Series senses when there’s no material in the machine and it automatically switches itself off, saving energy.

The ‘PY Series Pallet Breaker’ is truly a standalone solution.


To see how the ‘PY Series’, or any of the other size reduction technology systems from FERCELL can improve your performance, productivity and profitability call us today on +44(0)1622 791414.


PY Series Data Sheet