Reduce your pallet waste, by up to 80%, with Fercell’s ‘Pallet Breaker’

Address your pallet storage issues with the Fercell Pallet Breaker

Storage of unwanted pallets can be problematic, from valuable space, through to high disposal costs. Add to this insurance issues, limiting what and how such materials, as well as lease conditions restricting skip usage.

The answer; the newly launched ‘Pallet Breaker’, from Fercell. The ‘Fercell Pallet Breaker 1300 Series’, makes light work of breaking waste pallets down, reducing them in size to maximise collection capacity, ease handling and ultimately to save you money.

The ‘Pallet Breaker’ safely and effectively crushes pallets, broken or whole, down into hand size pieces. Capable of processing up to 25 pallets an hour, the PB1300 is a low energy, self-contained compact solution, which enables you to reduce voluminous product by up to 80%.

How it works

Using the PB1300 couldn’t be easier. Simple, manually, load your material, either directly into the top or via the horizontal loading platform of the machine, and press the start button.

It’s as simple as that, with pallets automatically processed through the machine and discharged via the in-built chute conveyor into a suitable container, without any additional pieces of equipment and using a single electro-hydraulic system. And when there’s no material in the machine it automatically switches itself off, saving energy.

The ‘Pallet Breaker’ is truly a standalone solution.

Create income

It’s not just about reducing your disposal costs! You could also generate revenue, either by selling on the PB1300 processed material for biomass, or further reducing in size and producing solid fuel in the form of wood briquettes.

To see how the PB1300, or any of the other size reduction technology systems from Fercell can improve your performance, productivity and profitability call us today on +44(0)1622 791414.


About Fercell

Fercell has over 40 years’ experience in delivering recycling and ventilation systems. Working with a number of top manufacturers we are able to provide you with a solution that is right for you. The option for a bespoke solution is possible, just ask us! With a team of fully qualified service engineers, we can deliver the whole solution, from start to finish.

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