Pallets to Profit

Does the rear of this manufacturing plant look familiar, with unwanted pallets staked high taking up valuable yard space and possibly creating a fire risk?  Trackable disposal a problem or worse you are paying for disposal?

FERCELL have the answer………. a high-performance shredder, setting new standards in pallet wood processing rates at a very competitive price without discounting WEIMA quality, reliability and economy.

The HOLZWOLF has been developed especially for reducing onsite large-sized pallets, chipboard, linear wood and packing wood waste to include bulky cases, crates and complete items of furniture into a more manageable fraction size.

Material is fed into the hopper manually, via forklift bin or by conveyor. A 600 mm worm screw crushes and rips the material into a 100-200mm output fraction size.

This method of size reduction quickly and quietly reduces volumetric area of the waste wood and may indeed attract a SCM (secondary commodity market) turning a waste overhead into a revenue generator.

On occasion the output from the HOLZWOLF enters a secondary WL Series single shaft shredder, via conveyor with the further reduced fraction being conveyed to a Weima briquette press.

Briquettes can be fed directly into a FERCELL biomass burner to heat premises in the winter and stockpile the bagged product on pallets for the following winter.

Alternatively, a number of customers contract to a local firewood wholesaler and/or sell to the local domestic market.

For more information of either a complete turnkey waste to revenue solution or a standalone product visit our website. Alternatively call our friendly customer support team to discuss how we can turn your wood waste into revenue.

Remember; The FERCELL Test and Training facility in Aylesford, Kent, encourages prospective customers, using their own materials, to conduct their own machine trial.

Book your complimentary trial when speaking with our Customer Support Team.