Ministry of Recycling

An epiphany inspired IMRO to launch the MINISTRY of RECYCLING, to solve even the most complex recycling conundrum.

At the Ministry they will contribute to the recycling revolution with the aid of an advances materials test centre.

At the Advanced Materials Test Centre, IMRO, will apply the best technology, skills and knowledge in the pursuit of optimising, the widest variation of, materials recycling activities.

Successful material recovery, all under IMRO’s mantra ‘quia naturae enim fructuosisque rebus’.

One of the newest developments from the experts in conveying and sorting, IMRO, is their ‘FAT PREY PLAN’ to recover more heavy metals using IMRO non-ferrous separation technology.

For example, residue materials from waste incineration plants or power stations contains copper, brass and other valuable heavy metals, so by using the latest separation technique, it is possible to recovery and re-use more of these metals than ever before.

And the latest technology comes in the form of the RCSX-E Separator, which produces some of the purest and cleanest output streams, and is considered to be the most powerful and high-performance sorting machine in the world.

So to witness this milestone in non-ferrous separation and increase your recovery efficiencies contact us, when we will be happy to help.

Increase the recycling profitability