Keep on Moving

Featured in Solids & Bulk Handling – January 2014

Conveying is still the most efficient method of moving materials, and like a utility service it is somewhat forgotten until it stops working. FERCELL introduces three bespoke conveyors.

Do not join the fooled into believing cheap and adequate includes longevity or reliability. Build quality, designed-in robustness, low maintenance, fit for purpose and above all reliability when taken seriously at specification stage pay dividends in future-proofing the investment overall, needless to say avoiding the headache of constant breakdowns ultimately effecting profits through poor performance.

FERCELL draws on more than 36 years industry know-how and experience in this field, providing customer peace of mind that whatever the materials handling application there is a conveyor, sorting and/or separation solution in answer the requirement.

FERCELL says its experience has helped develop three bespoke categories of conveyors; NEWLINE, BASICLINE and HEAVYLINE. NEWLINE is designed for lighter tasks mostly in a single shift operation BASICLINE for applications of a single to two shift operation and finally the HEAVYLINE for middle level to heavy tasks. When a continuous operation is required, similar to the demands made with many recycling plant, HeavyLine has repeatedly proven its capabilities, especially in harsh work environments, mostly outside in all weathers.

All conveyors can be manufactured with different flow line directions, belts of different materials, inclusion of skirt boards with seals, metal free zones for metals detection options, beater systems to loosen materials, weighing devises, brush systems, belt wiper additions for cleaning, and ferrous and non­-ferrous pulley or drum inclusions. The variance selection capability is vast.

Enhancements to the conventional humble conveyor principle include; ferrous and non­ferrous electro (DC) or permanent magnet overbelt separators, most prevalent in many industry processes, specialist sensor based sorting in the DISCOVERYLINE Series. Behind the name is hidden a well thought through three-in one conveyor belt system specially designed for sensor based sorting using near infrared (NIR) and X-Ray technologies. This is the result of more than 20 years spent in manufacturing of conveyer technology. Of the most solid build construction, very robust and with the highest visual characteristics, it manages the conveying tasks, even in harsh work environments, which often happens in recycling for instance, Reliable and durable the DISCOVERYLINE, with its various applications of sensor sorting increases efficiency, speed and recovery rates. It is in fact the complete solution, sorting the full range of metals, plastics, paper, cardboard and wood in all forms. The DiscoveryLine is the complete solution.

Other IMRO conveying products include non-ferrous separators, sometime referred to as eddy current separators, metering bunkers and walking floor buffers.

For the recycling industry there is also offered the unique IMRO RECYCLE TOWER. Highest recycling recovery rates with precision at the Iowest process cost.

In the last few years, not only has the awareness of the value of secondary raw material grown, but also the challenge to the operator of recycling plants when plant efficiencies is the object and for landfill sites owners the reworking of current landfill for land reclamation and further recovery of valuable materials now widely termed landfill mining.

The RECYCLETOWER has the smallest footprint possible, is most automated including a complete sorting and separation suite. It is also designed as a modular system assembled and disassembled and reassembled as required. It can be moved to a new site when it present task is completed.

Conveying, sorting and separation is only part of an overall plant requirement providing the conduit between processes. FERCELL also offers dust and fume extraction systems, pneumatic materials handling solutions, shredders, briquette press, foam compaction and de-watering technology.

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