Issue No. 03 
Date: December 2012

FERCELL Engineering Ltd specialises in the following activities:

Dust and fume extraction, heating and ventilation, size reduction, sorting technologies and occupational/lev services.

The management of the company recognises the importance of sound environmental management for every aspect of the company’s operations and is committed to a dynamic improvement programme, not only to minimise the company’s adverse environmental impact but also to provide products and services that are beneficial to the environment.

Our objective is to manage the causes of these impacts and reduce their effects to the minimum practicably possible, by responding to changes brought about by political, legislative, economic and technological stimuli.

This means:

  • Surpass the conditions for both current and future environmental legislation and regulation.
  • Set, monitor and attain all objectives and targets to ensure that we maintain strict control over environmental aspects of all our products, processes and facilities.
  • Commitment to an ongoing reduction in energy consumption and reduction in factory emissions.
  • Increase business efficiency and to minimise waste production across the company.
  • Be committed to awareness and training programmes so that all employees understand the impact of their activities, or their omissions, on the environment

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