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Fercell prides itself that it's products, are effective in every respect. Each product is developed to prevent damage to the environment. Not only today, but also tomorrow and in the future.

Fercell believes more can be done for the environment, especially if we give up some things. So during manufacturing FERCELL have, wherever possible, forgone environmentally harmful material, for example CFCs and VOCs.

This is also true of our manufacturing techniques and facilities management, as wherever possible we utilise such principles as filtration plants, VOC reduction and waste compaction.

We are forgoing chemical solvents to an ever-increasing degree, and are attempting to use more water-based paints. The reduction of solvent use is one of our main priorities; to this end we have a programme of assessment looking at alternative natural cleaning products.

The Fercell Complete Environmental Solutions Catalogue
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One Stop Shop

The company have been highly successful in bringing about solutions to numerous industrial environmental problems.

Fercell are entirely flexible in their ability to design, manufacture, install and support systems which can be individually tailored to suit customers' particular requirements.

Personal supervision by highly-qualified Fercell personnel ensures that each contract is processed smoothly and that our customers are fully satisfied with the final result.

Fercell place particular emphasis on after sales service. Replacements of parts and modification of equipment is carried out with care and efficiency and, in this way, any loss of valuable production time is kept to a minimum and the plant continues performing to it optimum.

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